Publications Using Scenic

Main Papers

The main paper on Scenic is:

Scenic: A Language for Scenario Specification and Scene Generation.
Fremont, Dreossi, Ghosh, Yue, Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, and Seshia.
PLDI 2019. [full version]

An expanded version of this paper appears as Chapters 5 and 8 of this thesis:

Algorithmic Improvisation. [thesis]
Daniel J. Fremont.
Ph.D. dissertation, 2019 (University of California, Berkeley; Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science).

Scenic is also integrated into the VerifAI toolkit, which is described in another paper:

VerifAI: A Toolkit for the Formal Design and Analysis of Artificial Intelligence-Based Systems.
Dreossi*, Fremont*, Ghosh*, Kim, Ravanbakhsh, Vazquez-Chanlatte, and Seshia.

* Equal contribution.

Case Studies

We have also used Scenic in several industrial case studies:

Formal Analysis and Redesign of a Neural Network-Based Aircraft Taxiing System with VerifAI.
Fremont, Chiu, Margineantu, Osipychev, and Seshia.
Formal Scenario-Based Testing of Autonomous Vehicles: From Simulation to the Real World.
Fremont, Kim, Pant, Seshia, Acharya, Bruso, Wells, Lemke, Lu, and Mehta.

Other Papers Building on Scenic

A Programmatic and Semantic Approach to Explaining and Debugging Neural Network Based Object Detectors.
Kim, Gopinath, Pasareanu, and Seshia.