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"""Actions for dynamic agents in the driving domain.

These actions are automatically imported when using the driving domain.

The `RegulatedControlAction` is based on code from the `CARLA`_ project, licensed under
the following terms:

    Copyright (c) 2018-2020 CVC.

    This work is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.
    For a copy, see <>.

.. _CARLA:

import math

from scenic.core.simulators import Action
from scenic.core.vectors import Vector

## Mixin classes indicating support for various types of actions.

[docs]class Steers: """Mixin protocol for agents which can steer. Specifically, agents must support throttling, braking, steering, setting the hand brake, and going into reverse. """ def setThrottle(self, throttle): raise NotImplementedError def setSteering(self, steering): raise NotImplementedError def setBraking(self, braking): raise NotImplementedError def setHandbrake(self, handbrake): raise NotImplementedError def setReverse(self, reverse): raise NotImplementedError
[docs]class Walks: """Mixin protocol for agents which can walk with a given direction and speed. We provide a simplistic implementation which directly sets the velocity of the agent. This implementation needs to be explicitly opted-into, since simulators may provide a more sophisticated API that properly animates pedestrians. """ def setWalkingDirection(self, heading): velocity = Vector(0, self.speed).rotatedBy(heading) self.setVelocity(velocity) def setWalkingSpeed(self, speed): velocity = speed * self.velocity.normalized() self.setVelocity(velocity)
## Actions available to all agents
[docs]class SetPositionAction(Action): """Teleport an agent to the given position.""" def __init__(self, pos: Vector): self.pos = pos def applyTo(self, obj, sim): obj.setPosition(self.pos, obj.elevation)
[docs]class OffsetAction(Action): """Teleports actor forward (in direction of its heading) by some offset.""" def __init__(self, offset: Vector): self.offset = offset def applyTo(self, obj, sim): pos = obj.position.offsetRotated(obj.heading, self.offset) obj.setPosition(pos, obj.elevation)
[docs]class SetVelocityAction(Action): """Set the velocity of an agent.""" def __init__(self, xVel: float, yVel: float, zVel: float = 0): self.velocity = (xVel, yVel, zVel) def applyTo(self, obj, sim): obj.setVelocity(self.velocity)
[docs]class SetSpeedAction(Action): """Set the speed of an agent (keeping its heading fixed).""" def __init__(self, speed: float): self.speed = speed def applyTo(self, obj, sim): vel = Vector(0, self.speed).rotatedBy(obj.heading) obj.setVelocity(vel)
## Actions available to vehicles which can steer
[docs]class SteeringAction(Action): """Abstract class for actions usable by agents which can steer. Such agents must implement the `Steers` protocol. """ def canBeTakenBy(self, agent): return isinstance(agent, Steers)
[docs]class SetThrottleAction(SteeringAction): """Set the throttle. Arguments: throttle: Throttle value between 0 and 1. """ def __init__(self, throttle: float): if not 0.0 <= throttle <= 1.0: raise RuntimeError("Throttle must be a float in range [0.0, 1.0].") self.throttle = throttle def applyTo(self, obj, sim): obj.setThrottle(self.throttle)
[docs]class SetSteerAction(SteeringAction): """Set the steering 'angle'. Arguments: steer: Steering 'angle' between -1 and 1. """ def __init__(self, steer: float): if not -1.0 <= steer <= 1.0: raise RuntimeError("Steer must be a float in range [-1.0, 1.0].") self.steer = steer def applyTo(self, obj, sim): obj.setSteering(self.steer)
[docs]class SetBrakeAction(SteeringAction): """Set the amount of brake. Arguments: brake: Amount of braking between 0 and 1. """ def __init__(self, brake: float): if not 0.0 <= brake <= 1.0: raise RuntimeError("Brake must be a float in range [0.0, 1.0].") self.brake = brake def applyTo(self, obj, sim): obj.setBraking(self.brake)
[docs]class SetHandBrakeAction(SteeringAction): """Set or release the hand brake. Arguments: handBrake: Whether or not the hand brake is set. """ def __init__(self, handBrake: bool): if not isinstance(handBrake, bool): raise RuntimeError("Hand brake must be a boolean.") self.handbrake = handBrake def applyTo(self, obj, sim): obj.setHandbrake(self.handbrake)
[docs]class SetReverseAction(SteeringAction): """Engage or release reverse gear. Arguments: reverse: Whether or not the car is in reverse. """ def __init__(self, reverse: bool): if not isinstance(reverse, bool): raise RuntimeError("Reverse must be a boolean.") self.reverse = reverse def applyTo(self, obj, sim): obj.setReverse(self.reverse)
[docs]class RegulatedControlAction(SteeringAction): """Regulated control of throttle, braking, and steering. Controls throttle and braking using one signal that may be positive or negative. Useful with simple controllers that output a single value. Arguments: throttle: Control signal for throttle and braking (will be clamped as below). steer: Control signal for steering (also clamped). past_steer: Previous steering signal, for regulating abrupt changes. max_throttle: Maximum value for **throttle**, when positive. max_brake: Maximum (absolute) value for **throttle**, when negative. max_steer: Maximum absolute value for **steer**. """ def __init__( self, throttle: float, steer: float, past_steer: float, max_throttle: float = 0.5, max_brake: float = 0.5, max_steer: float = 0.8, ): if throttle > 0: throttle = min(throttle, max_throttle) brake = 0 else: throttle = 0 brake = min(abs(throttle), max_brake) # Steering regulation: changes cannot happen abruptly, can't steer too much. if steer > past_steer + 0.1: steer = past_steer + 0.1 elif steer < past_steer - 0.1: steer = past_steer - 0.1 if steer >= 0: steer = min(max_steer, steer) else: steer = max(-max_steer, steer) self.throttle, self.brake, self.steer = throttle, brake, steer def applyTo(self, obj, sim): obj.setThrottle(self.throttle) obj.setBraking(self.brake) obj.setSteering(self.steer)
## Actions available to agents that can walk
[docs]class WalkingAction(Action): """Abstract class for actions usable by agents which can walk. Such agents must implement the `Walks` protocol. """ def canBeTakenBy(self, agent): return isinstance(agent, Walks)
[docs]class SetWalkingDirectionAction(WalkingAction): """Set the walking direction.""" def __init__(self, heading): self.heading = heading def applyTo(self, obj, sim): obj.setWalkingDirection(self.heading)
[docs]class SetWalkingSpeedAction(WalkingAction): """Set the walking speed.""" def __init__(self, speed): self.speed = speed def applyTo(self, obj, sim): obj.setWalkingSpeed(self.speed)