Source code for scenic.simulators.webots.actions

"""Actions for dynamic agents in Webots simulations."""

import pickle

from scenic.core.simulators import Action
from scenic.core.type_support import toScalar, toVector
import scenic.simulators.webots.utils as utils

[docs]class OffsetAction(Action): """Move an object by the given offset relative to its current heading.""" def __init__(self, offset): self.offset = toVector(offset, "OffsetAction with non-vector offset") def applyTo(self, obj, sim): pos = obj.position.offsetRotated(obj.heading, self.offset) pos = sim.coordinateSystem.positionFromScenic(pos, elevation=obj.elevation) obj.webotsObject.getField("translation").setSFVec3f(pos)
[docs]class ApplyForceAction(Action): """Apply a given force to the object.""" def __init__(self, force, relative=False): self.force = toVector(force, "ApplyForceAction with non-vector force") self.relative = relative def applyTo(self, obj, sim): force = sim.coordinateSystem.positionFromScenic(self.force) obj.webotsObject.addForce(force, self.relative)
[docs]class WriteFileAction(Action): """Pickle the given data and write the result to a file. For use in communication with external controllers or other code. """ def __init__(self, path, data): self.path = path = data def applyTo(self, obj, sim): with open(self.path, "wb") as outFile: pickle.dump(, outFile)