Dynamic simulator interface for LGSVL.

Summary of Module Members



Subclass of Simulation for LGSVL.


A connection to an instance of LGSVL.

Member Details

class LGSVLSimulator(sceneID, address='localhost', port=8181, alwaysReload=False)[source]

Bases: Simulator

A connection to an instance of LGSVL.

See the SVL documentation for details on how to set the parameters below.

  • sceneID (str) – Identifier for the map (“scene”) to load in SVL.

  • address (str) – Address where SVL is running.

  • port (int) – Port on which to connect to SVL.

  • alwaysReload (bool) – Whether to force reloading the map upon connecting, even if the simulator already has the desired map loaded.

class LGSVLSimulation(scene, client, verbosity=0)[source]

Bases: Simulation

Subclass of Simulation for LGSVL.

initApolloFor(obj, lgsvlObj)[source]

Initialize Apollo for an ego vehicle.

Uses LG’s interface which injects packets into Dreamview.