Source code for scenic.core.workspaces


import numpy as np
import trimesh

from scenic.core.distributions import needsSampling
from scenic.core.errors import InvalidScenarioError
from scenic.core.geometry import findMinMax
from scenic.core.regions import (

[docs]class Workspace(Region): """A :term:`workspace` describing the fixed world of a scenario. Args: region (Region): The region defining the extent of the workspace (default `everywhere`). """ def __init__(self, region=everywhere): if needsSampling(region): raise InvalidScenarioError("workspace region must be fixed") super().__init__("workspace", orientation=region.orientation) self.region = region
[docs] def show3D(self, viewer): """Render a schematic of the workspace (in 3D) for debugging""" if isinstance( self.region, (MeshVolumeRegion, MeshSurfaceRegion, PolygonalRegion) ): if isinstance(self.region, (MeshVolumeRegion, MeshSurfaceRegion)): workspace_mesh = self.region.mesh else: workspace_mesh = self.region.footprint.boundFootprint( centerZ=self.region.z, height=0.0001 ).mesh # We can render this workspace as the wireframe of a mesh. # Filter out meshes that are close enough to planar edges = workspace_mesh.face_adjacency_edges[ workspace_mesh.face_adjacency_angles > np.radians(0.1) ] vertices = workspace_mesh.vertices edge_path = trimesh.path.Path3D( **, vertices) ) viewer.add_geometry(edge_path)
[docs] def show2D(self, plt): """Render a schematic of the workspace (in 2D) for debugging""" try: aabb = self.region.AABB except (NotImplementedError, TypeError): # unbounded Regions don't support this return ((xmin, ymin), (xmax, ymax), _) = aabb plt.xlim(xmin, xmax) plt.ylim(ymin, ymax)
[docs] def zoomAround(self, plt, objects, expansion=1): """Zoom the schematic around the specified objects""" if not objects: return positions = (self.scenicToSchematicCoords(obj.position) for obj in objects) x, y = zip(*positions) minx, maxx = findMinMax(x) miny, maxy = findMinMax(y) sx = expansion * max(self.minimumZoomSize, 2 * (maxx - minx)) sy = expansion * max(self.minimumZoomSize, 2 * (maxy - miny)) s = max(sx, sy) / 2.0 s += max(max(obj.width, obj.length) for obj in objects) # TODO improve cx = (maxx + minx) / 2.0 cy = (maxy + miny) / 2.0 plt.xlim(cx - s, cx + s) plt.ylim(cy - s, cy + s)
@property def minimumZoomSize(self): return 0
[docs] def scenicToSchematicCoords(self, coords): """Convert Scenic coordinates to those used for schematic rendering.""" return coords[:2]
def uniformPointInner(self): return self.region.uniformPointInner() def intersect(self, other, triedReversed=False): return self.region.intersect(other, triedReversed) def intersects(self, other): return self.region.intersects(other) def difference(self, other): return self.region.difference(other) def union(self, other, triedReversed=False): return self.region.union(other, triedReversed) def containsPoint(self, point): return self.region.containsPoint(point) def containsObject(self, obj): return self.region.containsObject(obj) def containsRegionInner(self, reg, tolerance): return self.region.containsRegionInner(reg, tolerance) def distanceTo(self, point): return self.region.distanceTo(point) def projectVector(self, point, onDirection): raise self.region.projectVector(point, onDirection) @property def AABB(self): return self.region.AABB @property def dimensionality(self): return self.region.dimensionality @property def size(self): return self.region.size def __repr__(self): return f"Workspace({self.region!r})" def __eq__(self, other): if type(other) is not Workspace: return NotImplemented return other.region == self.region def __hash__(self): return hash(self.region)