Scenic Libraries

One of the strengths of Scenic is its ability to reuse functions, classes, and behaviors across many scenarios, simplifying the process of writing complex scenarios. This page describes the libraries built into Scenic to facilitate scenario writing by end users.

Simulator Interfaces

Many of the simulator interfaces provide utility functions which are useful when writing scenarios for particular simulators. See the documentation for each simulator on the Supported Simulators page, as well as the corresponding module under scenic.simulators.

Abstract Domains

To enable cross-platform scenarios which are not specific to one simulator, Scenic defines abstract domains which provide APIs for particular application domains like driving scenarios. An abstract domain defines a protocol which can be implemented by various simulator interfaces so that scenarios written for that domain can be executed in those simulators. For example, a scenario written for our driving domain can be run in both LGSVL and CARLA.

A domain provides a Scenic world model which defines Scenic classes for the various types of objects that occur in its scenarios. The model also provides a simulator-agnostic way to access the geometry of the simulated world, by defining regions, vector fields, and other objects as appropriate (for example, the driving domain provides a Network class abstracting a road network). For domains which support dynamic scenarios, the model will also define a set of simulator-agnostic actions for dynamic agents to use.

Driving Domain

The driving domain,, is designed to support scenarios taking place on or near roads. It defines generic classes for cars and pedestrians, and provides a representation of a road network that can be loaded from standard map formats (e.g. OpenDRIVE). The domain supports dynamic scenarios, providing actions for agents which can drive and walk as well as implementations of common behaviors like lane following and collision avoidance. See the documentation of the module for further details.